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Outreach and Education Resources – Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition (SVWQC)

El Dorado County Agricultural Water Quality Management Corporation

This organization was formed as a 501(c)5 nonprofit mutual benefit corporation in 2008 in order for El Dorado County farmers and ranchers who irrigate to comply with the state mandated Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program.

The purpose of the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program, administered by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, is to ensure that the waters of the State of California are not degraded by waste discharged from irrigated lands.

We are one of ten subwatershed groups that comprise the Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition representing all irrigated agricultural operations in the Sacramento River Watershed with the exception of rice growers.

Our membership includes over 300 growers who farm approximately 3,300 acres of irrigated agriculture on parcels totaling over 12,000 acres of land in El Dorado County.

Commodities produced by our members include permanent crops, such as wine grapes, fruit trees and berries, as well as Christmas trees, vegetables and irrigated pasture.

We are governed by a 9-member, volunteer Board of Directors, 8 of whom represent major commodity groups, organic growers, and one at-large member.  Since our corporation was formed in 2008 numerous volunteer members have donated hundreds of hours attending meetings, lobbying for our special needs, writing reports, educating members and analyzing scientific data.

Membership dues are collected annually to cover the expenses of water monitoring and administration of the program.